Jeff Ireland steps way over the line

What we have here is a NFL executive who doesn’t appear to understand the law. Sure it is his job to test, ask probing questions of prospects to see if giving the millions of dollars is going to cause them to lose their minds. However asking a prospect if his mother was ever a hooker is just not acceptable. If I were Dez Bryant I would have clocked him in his mouth for asking such a ridiculous question. Of course doing so would have needed his career before it began, and he deserves big props for not decking this clown right in his stupid face.

It is one thing to ask probing questions about a player, to try and get in his head and knock him off guard. All of that is fine, what is not fine is asking something so far outside the box that is quite possible was a crime. Even if Bryant’s mother was a hooker, that in no way should effect his ability to play football, or more importantly to be an employee of a team.

Let us put it this way, if I were to go out and interview someone to work for me and asked them if there mother was a hooker. Not only would I expect to get hit in the face, but I would also expect to spend a good deal of my time and money fighting lawsuits over being such a jackass. If the NFL and the Miami Dolphins want to look into this, fine, but one thing remains clear this man needs to be fired immediately. He has broken a number of laws, and more importantly the confines of good taste.

Interviewing Draft prospects is essentially a job interview and there are very specific rules and regulations that come into play given that environment.

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