Saddam Hussein’s Luxury Yacht For Sale

Looking for a new boat? Saddam Hussein’s luxury yacht is about to be put up for sale. The 270-foot yacht, named “Ocean Breeze,” boasts numerous swimming pools, salons, a mosque, and — naturally — a missile launcher. Plus, if you need a quick escape, there’s a secret passage that’ll take you to a mini-submarine beneath the ship. What more could a millionaire want?

The boat was built with gold and marble and has expensive mahogany furniture. The problem, though, was that both the Iraqi government and the king of Jordan claimed they owned it. The king said Saddam had given the yacht to him and tried putting it up for sale himself several months ago. Iraqi officials, though, pointed out that they have a “right to recover” the property of their nation’s former dictator, and they ultimately won the legal battle.

For what it’s worth, the Jordan king had placed a pricetag of $34.5 million on Saddam Hussein’s luxury yacht. Now, some brokers tell the BBC such a sale could be tough to pull off, with the current financial situation and the fact that the yacht is “not up to the standards of more modern yachts,” being that it has no helipad or gym. Including the missile launcher and hidden escape tunnel but forgetting the gym — hey, it’s a mistake we’ve all made.

The boat is currently docked near the city of Nice. Saddam Hussein, it is believed, never actually used it due to fears over what would happen if he were to leave Iraq.