You really might want to rethink using BitTorrent

I’ve never been a big user of BitTorrent but just as there are illegal uses for it there are just as many legal ones. however if what the team at TorrentFreak has discovered is true you may want to seriously reconsider using it for those music or movie downloads.

It appears that they have stumbled across a website that will automatically show you your IP address as well as providing a list of all recorded BitTorrent downloads. Now TorrentFreak after doing some testing could tell for sure if the displayed results for real or not but if they are indeed real this isn’t a good thing.

Not only that but they found out that if you change the end of the tracking URL by adding on /?host=X.X.X.X (with the X’s being the IP address) you could retrieve a list of what files were downloaded by it. There is also other things that they discovered but aren’t releasing at this time because further investigation is needed but they say it is something to be concerned about.