[VIDEO] Toy Story 3: The Video Game looks, uh, quite good actually

You know the golden rule of game-movie tie-ins by now: if it’s a game based on a movie, it’s probably crap. There are obvious exceptions, but that law generally holds fast.

In other words, my hopes weren’t high for this Toy Story 3: The Video Game trailer, and for the first eighteen seconds of this trailer, my expectations were met: this was another pretty but vapid 3D platformer.

But then we’re shown ‘Toy Box’ mode, which appears to be Pixar-does-LittleBigPlanet. Judging from this, players can create and customise their own levels using a range of props, characters, settings, and scenery from the Toy Story universe. There seems to be some pretty decent physics at work. This … might have potential.

The key, of course, lies with how customisable the user-created content actually is, and also whether Disney will allow players to upload their creations, which is what really made LittleBigPlanet something special.

I suspect Disney/Pixar will be cautious about this – after all, most of the user-generated LittleBigPlanet levels contain machines and scenery designed to look like willies, and schlongs are the last thing they want Toy Story to be associated with. If Disney and Pixar can work out some reasonable way to moderate uploaded content, this might be a genuinely worthwhile companion to the movie.

Or it could just be another shitty platformer with a half-baked build-a-level mode slung in. Could go either way, really. Here’s the trailer:

[Via YouTube]