Most surpising picks of the 2010 NFL Draft

It has been a whacky draft. I, your in house NFL Draft pundit, got the 80th best score according to the huddle report. I nailed the first four picks, and then the wackiness began at the 8th overall pick of the Oakland Raiders. I say it is whacky, and it might be a bit of a reach, but for Al Davis this is a very good pick. I speak of course of ILB Roland McClain. I think he will be a force in the middle of the raider defense for many years to come.

Things got really strange at #10. The Jacksonville Jaguars reached way down and grabbed up Tyson Alualu the DT from Cal. I had him ranked outside of the top 100 prospects, but the Jaguars liked his versatility. He can play tackle and end, and maybe the Jaguars know something here that no one else does, or maybe they just made a huge mistake. Only time will tell on that one.

Of course when things go sideways that early in a draft other teams panic and strange thing begin to happen. The Broncos deice to move back and look for an opportunity to draft Tim Tebow. They ended up getting him at 25, and it looks like Head Coach Josh McDaniels is going to remake the Broncos in his own image. I don’t think anyone knows exactly what that means, but they got rid of Brandon Marshall and replaced him with a Marshall clone in Demaryius Thomas. Kind of weird.

Night one of the NFL draft was a strange one, but I think a lot of team did very well. I haven’t got around to assigning them grades yet but that will be coming. Right now I am very high on what the Raiders did and that is saying something given the recent track record of Al Davis.