Xbox 360 breaks 40 million units sold

Microsoft has announced that more than 40 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold across the globe since the console’s launch in November 2005. HURRAY! They hide it well, but those underpaid, overworked Asian workers above are actually bursting with delight inside.

Confirming the 40 million figure to IGN, Microsoft also revealed that the console’s software attach rate – that’s the number of software units sold per system – is now 8.8.

Where does 40 million place the Xbox 360 in videogame hardware sales history? Well, Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) launched in 1990 and sold just shy of 50 million. That’s next in the Xbox 360’s sights, though I can’t see Microsoft’s console catching Sony’s PS2, the all-time champion with 142.8 million sales. It’s already gone past the first Xbox however – that’s stuck on 24 million.

As for this generation of consoles, the PlayStation 3 has sold 33.5 million units worldwide (though it did launch a year after the 360), while the Wii is way out in front, on 67.5 million units sold.

[Via IGN]