2009 NFL draft one year later: Tennessee Titans

Sometimes when a team has a big letdown, or a stumble we sit back, and wonder why. The Titans had just that, and I think we can put some of the blame on a pretty awful draft. None of their picks started half of their games. Only Kenny Brit has a significant contribution to this team. That is not good considering they made eleven picks in 2009. A year ago I was pretty down on this draft, giving them just an average grade; one year in that grade has slipped into the failing category.

A quick look at the Titans 2009 draft class:

•Round One (30)- Kenny Brit WR
•Round Two (62)- Sen’Derrick Marks DT
•Round Three (89)- Jared Cook TE
•Round Three (94)- Ryan Mouton CB
•Round Four (130)- Gerald McRath LB
•Round Four (135)- Troy Kropog T
•Round Five (173)- Javon Ringer RB
•Round Six (203)- Jason McCourty CB
•Round Six (206)- Dominique Edison WR
•Round Seven (239)- Ryan Durand OG
•Round Seven (242)- Nick Schommer DB

So the last six of those picks either did not play in a game or did not put up any significant stats. That is six NFL draft picks, far too many to take a pass on. Brit led the team in receiving yards with 701 hardly a lights out number. Marks had just 12 tackles with one sack in nine games. Cook caught nine passes in 14 games. Mouton made 24 tackles in 14 games played. McRath had 47 tackles and an interception while playing in 16 games.

Sure some of these guys may grow into their roles with the club, but it really looks like the Titans got a stinker on their hands. A year ago they got a B- grade; one year in I find in necessary to bump it down more that a full letter grade to a D+. If it were not for Britt it would be in the F range.

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