Well color us surprised – Google Buzz is populated by bots

There’s a really short way to write this post and it goes like this:


As anyone who has used Buzz for any length of time and had to deal with follow requests much of them are traced back to the usual suspects: spammers, SEO ninja wannabes, women who what to show you parts of their gorgeous anatomy and miscellaneous other bot type accounts. What is even worse though is the number of accounts that are nothing more than Twitter accounts being streamed in.

As PostRank found out in a study of Buzz over 60% of the traffic is from Twitter accounts. I mean seriously people if all you are going to do is flood Buzz with your already boring crap on Twitter and then irritate me to follow you on both – go find a life somewhere else.

I have lost count of the number of follow request that when I go and check them out are nothing but Twitter messages. It gets even worse with they are Twitter messages from spammers and SEO marketing crap. Ya that make for a good user experience.

Not to be outdone the next highest use of Buzz apparently comes from bots, the kind used to spew out automated alerts from feeds. Like this was any surprise but between the bots and Twitter crap they account for 90% of Buzz traffic.

And to think that Google is getting hauled over the coals over privacy concerns. Ya I guess all those bots are upset about being found out.