7-11 to begin selling used video games

In addition to dessicated hot dogs, 972 ounce sodas and rolling papers, soon you’ll be able to pick up used games on your very late night trips to 7-11.

In a partnership with Game Trading Technologies, around 3,000 stores will begin participating in the “Great Games Under $20” promotion- about half of the 7-11s in the states. The program is open to all 7-11 franchisees, and Michael Jester, 7-11 category manager for gaming and technology, had this to say about the move:

“We partnered with GTT because of their experience and expertise as a third-party provider of video games and the terrific selection they’ll offer to our customers. More than 60 percent of U.S. households now have at least one video game console, and consumers are searching for convenient ways to stretch their entertainment dollar in this challenging economy.”

7-11 got into the games game in late 2008, in a trail run with World of Warcraft and Madden. Although initially it may seem like a strange partnership, one of the biggest marketing strengths 7-11 has is being open all the time and enticing you to buy things you might not normally buy. If you walk out of there with an egg burrito, plastic forks and a copy of Juggs after a night on the tear, why not a sweet deal on an older game you dig?