Man’s pinky partially severed in iPad heist

Well, we have a new “most compelling argument ever” for online shopping.

Bill Jordan was picking up an iPad at a Denver Apple store for a Canadian colleague and as the old adage goes, no good deed goes unpunished. Jordan’s mitzvah of obtaining an iPad for his co-worker ended in a permanent injury for him when overzealous iPad thieves ripped off part of the man’s pinky while stealing the device. Jordan had exited the Apple store and was walking down a mall stairway when the attack occurred:

“The next thing I know, I’m spun around. I see this kid…and he’s pulling (the iPad) out of my hand.”

Jordan says the Apple bag’s cords were wrapped around his fingers and he couldn’t let go.

“I never hear it coming, I never see it coming. I just remember this kid pulling and pulling and pulling and it got caught…took the flesh right off, the tendons and everything. There was nothing but bone.”

The injuries were on Jordan’s left hand, compounding the impact of the attack and subsequent pinky loss, as he is left-handed. Jordan was rushed to a hospital, where a doctor recommended amputation for the injury. Jordan, who moved to Denver from New Jersey to escape crime, hopes police will catch the two men responsible for the crime. Police plan to release surveillance video of the attack later today.