Kim Kardashian Gave Birth 5 Weeks Early

Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl this morning, The Inquisitr has just reported.

As we reported earlier, Kim Kardashian was in labor under the radar at Cedars-Sinai hospital today, after a week dodging paparazzi as she prepared for her baby girl to arrive.

While Kim K and Kanye were spotted out last night, it seems that the baby girl was eager to make her entrance fabulously early.

Reports indicate that the pregnant mom-to-be and baby daddy Kanye ducked out early because Kim was feeling unwell — and “off.”

It didn’t turn out to be insignificant — some time after the pair went home, Kim Kardashian headed to the hospital and baby Kimye was determined to make an appearance.

It’s not clear whether a complication prompted the early delivery or whether Kim K gave birth via c-section or vaginally, but a source at the celeb-friendly hospital spilled to Us about Kardashian’s labor and delivery. (It’s also possible the pair obfuscated the baby’s due date to avoid a press frenzy when Kim went into labor.)

The source dished:

“Kim had her baby … She’s five weeks early. Kim got sick last night and had the baby early.”


Anyone who has been through the process of first time parenthood can tell you that babies often have a mind of their own when it comes to showing up frustratingly late or early.

No one has yet determined whether Kim Kardashian gave birth so early simply because sometimes babies arrive early, or if a complication prompted the unscheduled delivery — but TMZ confirms that both mom and baby are doing fine right now:

“Sources close to KK tell TMZ the baby and Kim are both in good health. We’re told Kim delivered the baby at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning … 5 weeks sooner than originally planned.

Though news Kim Kardashian gave birth to the baby this morning has been widely reported, neither Kim K nor Kanye’s camp has offered a statement — though we imagine they are all a bit busy right now.