Kraft’s Zesty Ad Sparks Controversy, Twitter Weighs In [Photo]

Kraft’s recent “Let’s Get Zesty” ad campaign has sparked quite a bit of controversy online.

The advertisement in question finds a naked man stretched out on a picnic blanket. Although his naughty parts are covered in the image, quite a few people believe the company has gone a little too far with the picture. Social media has been buzzing since its debut.

As news of the Zesty Italian Dressing ad made the rounds, it soon caught the attention of One Million Moms. Since the organization feels the advertisement in question is a little too revealing, the group is urging people to send letters to craft in hopes of getting the whole campaign discontinued.

“A full two-page ad features a naked man lying on a picnic blanket with only a small portion of the blanket barely covering his genitals. It is easy to see what the ad is really selling,” One Million Moms said in a statement.

According to The Huffington Post, the folks at the organization aren’t the only ones who have been vocal about the Zesty Italian Dressing ad. The company’s official Facebook page has been hammered with comments from folks who want to see the ads vanish without a trace.

“Oh my gosh! The ‘Zesty’ ad campaign is so lame! I will now purposefully not buy Kraft products and look on store shelves for alternative products. Most mom’s will not respond to this type of advertising. It is a turn off and just plain gross if you are happily married!” one user wrote.

A number of people both for and against the campaign also took their case to Twitter. You can find a handful of their responses to the ad below.


What do you think about Kraft’s Zesty Italian Dressing ad? Do you think the company went too far with its recent campaign?

[Top Image via Facebook]