$23,000 Ring Sold For $10 Found

Have you been wondering about that guy who sold a $23,000 ring for $10 while his wife was in the hospital recovering from giving birth? As The Inquisitr previously reported, Eric Cloutier made the blunder of all time when he was selling a small watch box at a community garage sale in Laguna Niguel, California.

His 31-year-old wife Racquel Cloutier put her $23,000 wedding ring in a watch box so that it would be safely out of the way while she was giving birth to the couple’s fourth child.

“Whenever you’re pregnant your fingers start to swell so I thought it’d be a good idea to take it off,” Racquel told a California news station.

But Eric found the box, thought it was junk, and sold it at the garage sale. Ouch.

When Racquel came home and found the box gone, the couple realized that he’d sold a $23,000 ring for $10. And Eric Cloutier was definitely in the doghouse. Apparently, he even tried to tell his wife to let it go, so it’s lucky that we don’t have to report on a husband shooting here.

On a funny note, Eric may have even exaggerated how much he got for the empty box. The woman who bought it, Alyssa Lossau, said that she haggled him down to $5.

Double ouch.

But Eric Cloutier probably doesn’t care that his garage sales skills have been called into question. He’s probably just relieved that Lossau’s husband Andrew happened to find the lost ring while they were searching for Alyssa’s car keys.


Andrew and Alyssa Lossau had seen the media reports about the lost wedding ring. So when they discovered it, they quickly hunted up the Cloutiers and arranged to return it the very next day.

Racquel Cloutier said: “By the grace of God [the ring] ended up with the most honest people.”

What would you do if you found a $23,000 ring in a box you bought for $5 or $10?

[diamond ring photo by Phasut Warapisit via Shutterstock]