Man Runs Up Molten Lava Hill [Video]

A video has recently been uploaded to LiveLeak, though it’s also available on YouTube, that shows a man running up a hill of molten lava.

The unusual thing is, although the man is performing a pretty impressive feat, it’s a relatively simple video – there’s no additional music or commentary that you can expect to find on similar clips, it’s just two guys essentially messing about, albeit in a more dangerous sense.

The video begins with a shot of the incredibly hot lava running down the hill, which then pans out to show one of the two men running up the hill, treading where he’s just filmed.

The whole scene is then slowed down to show each ‘brave’ step that this unknown individual takes up the potentially deadly substance; one things for sure, the whole thing brings a new meaning to the term ‘hot footing’.

After a few more slow-mo clips, the man then walks back down the molten lava, clearly quite pleased with himself, and proceeds to poke a hole in the harden substance nearby to prove just how hot it actually is.

As if right on cue, stream shoots out of the mound to impress us all.

There isn’t much about the post other than the two men seen in the vid, who, by the looks of things, clearly want to test how close they can get to something that hot and not get burnt.

However, maybe there’s more logic behind the man’s actions than we first thought – he might have, for example, read about the Earth-sized planet that’s been discovered that’s apparently so hot its surface could be made up of molten lava.

If that is the reason behind this stunt, this guy is just taking the right steps to prepare should that ever happen to Earth.

The thing is, if the guy in the video wanted to feel the heat of molten lava, he could have simply tried Instant Regret peanut butter and been done with.

To give a sense of how much commentary this short video has generated, here’s some of the comments from a persistent poster known as SpIderZ:


“I wanna see the next guy do it in flip-flops while carrying a Japanese girl in a bikini.”

Not to mention the priceless comment (by the same user), that is clearly referring to Takeshi’s Castle, that pretty much sums up how everyone reacts when they see a video similar to this:

“…lol – these Japanese game shows are getting out of hand…”

Needless to say, molten lava has never looked so cool.

[Image via Shutterstock]