June 16, 2013
Constance McMillen, lesbian teen sent to fake prom, named Grand Marshal of NYC pride parade

As we reported not too long ago, a Mississippi teen was cruelly redirected to a fake prom with only a handful of students in attendance while all her classmates partied nearby- because her peers and their parents were snitty that she'd requested a ticket for a same sex date.

While McMillen's peers seemed proud of their actions and shamelessly posted pictures of their straight-only prom all over the internet, the openly gay teen took the high road, even going so far as to chastise supporters for lambasting her classmates on Facebook. Ellen DeGeneres invited McMillen to be on Ellen, and gave the teen a $30,000 scholarship, but Constance has other supporters, too.

McMillen was named as a Grand Marshal of New York City's late June pride parade this year, parade organizers Heritage of Pride have announced. McMillen's lawyer confirmed that the teenager will be attendance for the parade on June 27th in Manhattan. McMillen also plans to attend a "promlike event" on May 1st in San Francisco, so it appears that her classmates in Fulton, Mississippi can indeed suck it.