Nelson Mandela Still Remains In Hospital

Despite reports that Nelson Mandela is making a recovery in hospital, the renowned figure still remains hospitalized after eight days of treatment.

A couple of days ago, The Inquisitr covered the situation and reported on the steady progress that Mandela was making; however, despite those claims and the ones from Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela, the former South African president still seems to be in a critical condition.

Mandela was admitted to the Pretoria hospital for the third time this year; all his previous experiences have resulted in rather lengthy stays and treatments, with one of his hospital stays from last December ending after 18 days of care.

Furthermore, although the family reports are positive, all his relatives are keeping close to Mandela, with most of them visiting him everyday, most notably his wife, Graca Machel, who has been continuously by his side and even called off a London trip just so that she could stay with him.

The tense subject of his health comes as no surprise when, upon each admission into hospital, new concerns are brought up; although this seems perfectly understandable given his age – he is 94-years-old, with his 95th birthday just under a month away – it still casts a different light on his hospital visits.

These age and health concerns are part of the reason why the recent Nelson Mandela death hoax gripped Twitter last Sunday; the suspect tweets were linked to Piers Morgan; however, it wasn’t the real deal who had spread the rumors in the end.

The Inquisitr’s very own news writer, Elaine Radford, had first-hand experience of these tweets after they came up on her news feed.


As many news followers will know, Nelson Mandela’s lung issues have been with him since the 1980s when he contracted tuberculosis while in jail on Robben Island.

The renowned revolutionary figure was imprisoned for a total of 27 years and is believed to have damaged his lung because of the quarry work he had to do while he was serving out his sentence.

Whether Nelson Mandela is truly making a recovery will continue to be a sensitive topic until he is released from hospital.

[Image via BBC News]