‘Star Wars Land’ Headed To Disney World In 2018 [Rumor]

Star Wars Land might be headed to Disney World in Orlando, Florida at some point in 2018.

Fans of George Lucas’ beloved franchise have been wondering about the possibility of a Star Wars-themed attraction since the company acquired Lucasfilm last year. According to recent reports, the park could open as early as 2018.

SlashFilm reports “multiple sources” have confirmed that Star Wars Land could be headed to Disney World in a little under five years. Fanatics should definitely start saving up for their vacation now, especially since Disney recently raised the price of one-day admission.

Not only is Star Wars Land coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the company is also moving forward with the rumored Car Land attraction. Word on the street claims Disney will have to demolish a few areas in order to make room for the new additions.

According to Theme Park Insider, Star Wars Land will likely find a home near the Star Tours attraction. In order to fit all of this intergalactic goodness into the park, the company could be forced to do anyway with the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground and the Muppets theater.

The website states that no decisions about what will stay and what will go have been made just yet. In fact, those working behind-the-scenes are making arguments for other areas to be removed. Until Disney comes forward with their plans, don’t start crying over the rumored demise of the aforementioned attractions.

If all goes according to plan, then Star Wars Land could arrive at some point in 2018. However, the company might move this date up by a year should they decide to throw a bit more money at the project. What’s more, executives could time the attraction’s unveiling with the theatrical release of a new Star Wars flick. After all, Disney certainly likes to synergize.

What do you think about the proposed Star Wars Land attraction at Disney World?

[Image via The Disney Blog]