June 16, 2013
If your neighbor upsets you, don't go on Craigslist and invite people to an orgy at their house

As we discussed nearly a year ago, meting out revenge through Craigslist's hook up sections is a bad idea.

You'll almost definitely get caught. Craig Newmark probably doesn't approve. You'll look like a major dick in the media when the story inevitably gets out. Philip Conran, of Hartford Connecticut, apparently didn't hear the story about the man who arranged for the rape of an ex-girlfriend over Craigslist- and decided to use a similar scheme to get back at a female neighbor. In a posting titled "Looking for Lust," Conran advertised an early-morning orgy with a "bored soccer mom," saying she wanted to “please as many as I can before I go to work!”

By the time the post was located and removed, at least six people (perhaps as many as 12) had approached the house and several more reportedly circled the neighborhood suspiciously. The incident wasn't without unintended victims, either:

One man who showed up went to the wrong house, where he groped a teenage girl, police said. He has been charged with sexual assault and other counts. His attorney said his client has psychological issues and plans to plead not guilty.
Charges against 42-year-old Conran include reckless endangerment, harassment, criminal trespass and risk of injury to a minor.