Kangaroo Invasion On Aussie Golf Course

An Australian golf course has recently become the site of a kangaroo invasion.

The unusual photograph of the unfolding scene first popped up on Reddit yesterday and has already become an Internet favourite, with the original Redditor’s comments only adding to the hilarity of it all:

“Playing golf in Australia, this is the sh*t I have to put up with…”

The only condolences that can be offered to the poster is that at least it wasn’t a major tournament that the kangaroos disturbed; if it had been an important t-off, it could have turned into an all too familiar scene that took place at the start of this year at the Women’s Australian Open.

At that event, a mob of kangaroos made their presence known and caused a lengthy delay in game proceedings by staging another kangaroo invasion.

It was such an unexpected scenario that officials and Australian golfer, Karrie Webb, had to wait until they moved off the course.

Although there is no doubting that this type of interruption would be incredibly annoying, it seems that everyone involved got off lightly when compared with the recent events of an Australian politician who was attacked by a kangaroo.


That being said, it would be unfair to pass judgement on all kangaroos just because of the odd invasion and physical beating they dish out, because it wasn’t too long ago that a video went viral that showed a kangaroo who loved hugs, which shows that they do have a softer side when the mood takes them.

Therefore, although it was clearly an awkward and annoying situation for the Redditor golfer, at least he didn’t have to contend with a fight off between himself and the kangaroo horde; can you image how that story would have turned out?

With more and more kangaroo invasions seeming to take place, it might become a more “expected” news story than it currently is.

[Image via Reddit]