Giuliana Rancic Goes Nude For E! News Broadcast [Video]

Giuliana Rancic appeared to shed her clothes for a recent E! News broadcast.

The Miss USA co-host decided to do the show in nothing but a censor bar after being dared by comedienne Joan Rivers. Since the Fashion Police host was celebrating her 80th birthday, Rancic said she couldn’t let Rivers down.

“Hello!” E! News co-host Jason Kennedy said as Rancic appeared on-camera without a stitch of clothing. She said producers forced her to wear the censor bars to cover the majority of her body. When Kennedy inquired about when she got a certain tattoo, Rancic joked she got it during a night out with his mom. Ouch.

Of course, only Jason Kennedy, Giuliana Rancic, and the crew at E! News know for sure if she was actually naked underneath all of that pesky censorship. Still, the stunt managed to put Rancic’s name in the news. Considering the Miss USA pageant airs this Sunday, that’s likely what the folks at NBC were hoping to achieve.

No word yet if Joan Rivers approved of the stunt. Considering it was her idea in the first place, chances are the comedienne is delighted that Rancic decided to follow through with the dare. To an extent, anyway.

Giuliana Rancic will appear completely clothed during the Miss USA pageant this Sunday. The E! News veteran will be joined by Nick Jonas during the broadcast. Since Rancic apparently has no trouble removing her clothes for television, she doesn’t appear to have a problem with the swimsuit portion of the competition.


When asked about this controversial aspect of the pageant, Rancic said that each contest is different. Although Miss World ditched the swimsuits, Miss USA is keeping them.

“Every pageant is so different. I think for Miss USA it’s just what they have done from the beginning, it works for the Miss USA pageant,” she explained to The Washington Post.

Are you a fan of Giuliana Rancic? Do you think the E! News host really showed up in her birthday suit during the recent broadcast?

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