UFL to five teams in year two

I wonder when the United Football League is going to learn its lesson. Every year they come up and talk big and make promises that apparently they have no business making. Last year it was they would play year one with six teams. So we sat around, and waited for the six teams to come together. They ended up with four, and this year claimed to be adding two more teams. Once again they are wrong they have added one team, and have released their schedule for 2010.

This league needs to learn to keep its mouth shut, with the draft and all other NFL matters going on they do not need to be making grandiose statements that rarely seem to materialize. I am a huge fan of this league, and will watch a good percentage of the games like I did in 2009, but I can do without the grand standing.

This league needs to accept what it is, and run with it. There is a lot of strength in owning the fact that they are a football alternative, not the big bad boys of the football world. Instead of saying we are going to add two teams, announce when you have added one team. That way people only think about the positive. Oh this was a four team league and now it is five. Not two years worth of promises of six teams that has no basis in reality.

They had enough off season stories with two of the original four team moving cities, and the Tuskers setting up shop in Orlando to keep their fans interested. They did not need to speak on expansion. They should have announced the Omaha team once that deal was set in stone, and made no mention of another team or city. That way we would be talking about the growth of the UFL, not their ability to make promises they can rarely follow through on. That is PR 101 people.