October 10, 2016
WARNING: A new Twitter phishing attack

Okay I'm not totally sure if this is absolutely new, as in the last 24 hours, or not but I figured that better to be safe than sorry eh.

I just got the following email in my inbox and as you can see it looks pretty legit

The only problem is that when you click the link you end up being sent to a non-Twitter page at

h ttp://forum.tabrizchat.eclick.ir/lumps.html

Now normally I wouldn't even give this a second thought as the address it was sent to wasn't one that I had listed with Twitter but I had just blocked and reported some-one on Twitter so for some reason (I'm blaming lack of coffee) I decided to click the link.


When I saw the actual address show up in Chrome's address bar I immediately closed the window so I don't know exactly what is on the other end of the link but it probably isn't good.

If this has already been passed around my apologies but like I said - better safe than sorry.