Toyota Camatte: Kids Electric Supercar Is A Family DYI Project

The Toyota Camatte for kids has been upgraded to an electric supercar for the 2013 International Tokyo Toy Show.

The original Toyota Camatte was an old fashioned kit car that was powered by human-driven pedals.

The new Toyota Camatte57 is a completely different type of beast. Gone is the old styling. In its place is a topless convertible with the looks of a supercar.

But the Camatte57 doesn’t just mimic a supercar, it replaces the pedals with a system that you’d normally only see in vehicles built for adults. Never mind, this is a Do-It-Yourself car with interchangeable parts, so you can customize the Toyota Camette to your heart’s content.

Kenji Tsuji, a project manager for the Camatte57 project, explains the Toyota Camatte for kids:


“It’s basically no different than a regular car. The power-train is an electric motor. The accelerator, brake, dashboard meters and seats are identical to those in conventional vehicles. The main difference is that it’s shorter, and sized to a kid’s proportions.”

The Toyota Camatte57 has a top speed of 28 mph. While, yes, that’s not exactly fast by normal standards. But when you consider the new Toyota Camatte is designed for kids standing only four feet tall then you might see how some parents might break out in a sweat.

But Toyota took into consideration how parents might feel about the Camatte57. The side seats are parent sized and have pedals and controls to override the driver. There’s also a limiter that can slow the Camatte down to a 3 mph crawl.

Would you let your child drive a Toyota Camatte for kids?