Facebook #1 Visited Site, Passes 570 Billion Pageviews

Google AdPlanner stats told us this week what we already knew, Facebook is the most visited location on the web. What you might not have realized is that along with 540 million users, the site has over 570 billion pageviews, approximately 35% of all measured web traffic.

It should be noted that data doesn't include Google and YouTube numbers, however the webs other top 1,000 websites were measured including Wikipedia and Mozilla.com, the only two sites according to Mashable to remain ad-free.

It should also be noted that several of the more popular destinations including MSN.com, Live.com, Yahoo.com and Mozilla.com are used as the default landing pages for popular browsing platforms, allowing them to open whenever a user launches their browser.

Among other high ranking websites was Twitter at #18 with 5.4 billion views and Flickr at 31st place with 1.8 billion views. Wordpress also ranked quite high at number 12.

What do you think about Facebook's accomplishments in just a few short years? It goes to show how quickly a site can grow if it offers a good mix of what users want.