Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Proposal Works For Very Lucky Man

Nothing says “I Love You” like a Wendy’s chicken sandwich.

A man, who was obviously out of good ideas, used a chicken sandwich to propose to his girlfriend. Details are scarce about the actual proposal but many have dubbed it the “worst proposal ever.

The Sun reports that a man named Dennis decided that the best way to pop the question to this bride-to-be was with a chicken sandwich. The Daily Mail did some investigative work and deduced that the man stuck the ring into the bun of a Wendy’s sandwich.

Surprisingly, Dennis’ girlfriend Ann said yes.

Now, let’s not jump to conclusions and dub this the worst proposal ever. After all, Ann did say yes. And maybe there is some backstory that we don’t know. Maybe they had their first date at a Wendy’s. Maybe Ann became a vegetarian to please her soon-to-be husband but Dennis decided that she didn’t have to change for him and proposed with a chicken sandwich. Maybe Ann just loves fast food.


Or, maybe, this is the worst marriage proposal in history.

chicken sandwich

What do you think of the chicken sandwich proposal? Do you think there’s a romantic backstory behind the photo or is this the worst proposal in history?