‘Touchy Feely’ Starring Ellen Page, And Rosemarie DeWitt Drops Trailer [Video]

Touchy Feely premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival and seems to already have critics split on its final product. Director Lynn Shelton, who at the time of its premiere was known more for her indie darlings Hump Day and Your Sister’s Sister, is also the same director who abandoned the Natalie Portman vehicle Jane Got A Gun. Next up she’s leaving all of her recent drama behind for her new quirky dramedy.

Today the trailer for Shelton’s dramedy Touchy Feely dropped. This film reunites her with Your Sister’s Sister star Rosemarie DeWitt, who will eventually play everyone’s sister or wife in every indie movie if she hasn’t already.

Touchy Feely also stars Ellen Page, Allison Janney, and Scoot McNairy. The film tells a story about a massage therapist who loses her mojo and cannot be touched or touch other people. Dentist Paul is also struggling, but with his practice, and he suddenly turns it all around when he is blessed with special healing powers. The trailer shows that it does have some heart and that familiar quirky story telling that we’re all familiar with from Shelton. Going from the trailer the specific tone that’s in all of Lynn Shelton’s films is there, but it seems to have a departure that’s less talky and more contemplative, and not everyone was thrilled by that.

Film Threat’s Erik Childress had this to say about Touchy Feely: “Credit Shelton for trying something a little more visual and poetic than the more comically-inclined relations of her past characters, but her comfort zone has been replaced with far more silences and wandering.”

During an interview, Shelton said of Touchy Feely:
“There’s quieter scenes with more breath in them because the characters are not, some of the characters are more introverted and have a harder time expressing themselves and are going through a bad time and it just has a very different vibe.”


Will you be seeing Touchy Feely? Check out the trailer below: