More Pac 10 invitations on the way

With the University of Colorado already sealed and delivered, and Boise State set to leave the WAC to join the Mountain West, it now seems like the Pac 10 invite plan has been altered slightly. It seems that Texas A&M is dragging their feet so the Pac 10 has set its sights on Kansas and their big time basketball program. With Nebraska already set to join the Big Ten, I don't know if this is the best move.

Apparently the plan now is to add Texas, Texas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Kansas, and another school to get to the magic number of 16. The school could be Colorado State, Baylor even Texas A&M. Since college sports are built on rivalries and tradition I sincerly hope they give up on Kansas and add a school that will keep long standing rivalries in place.

I would hate to see Kansas and Kansas State end up in different conferences. It now seems like the Big Ten is done adding school to the west. With the addition of Nebraska, they seemed to have cooled on Missouri and will no work in the east on Rutgers and other schools in the New York TV Market.

It seems that the Board of Regents at Texas A&M would like to pursue a spot in the SEC, which makes a ton more money then the Big 12 did. What we do know is that the Big 12 is dead, we just have to wait and see where each of their 12 schools land. Missouri would be a nice addition to the Big Ten with Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois and Northwestern as a Big 10 West Division. Of course we will know lot more once the falling dominoes of the Big 12 begin to pick up speed.

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