Naked BART Man Identified, Allegedly Returns In Disguise [Video]

San Francisco, CA – The naked BART man, who harassed passengers and staff with an unnecessary show of nude gymnastics, has been identified.

After “terrorizing” folks at the 16th Street BART station in San Fran, the man was identified as Yeiner Perez, a 24-year-old acrobat, who used to perform with a group called the Clown Snot Bombs. Police managed to lose Perez somehow, but have issued a warrant for his arrest.

But some folks think that Perez is back to his old tricks again, though he has covered up in a strange and not-too-subtle disguise.

“A bunch of us went to the Ferry building to eat lunch and we saw who we suspect Yeiner Perez walking on stilts up and down the piers. He was generally non-threatening, though he did seem really annoyed when we didn’t give him money for taking a picture. […]

“For the record, I think if the naked BART man had not harassed women and other bystanders, I wouldn’t think anything about the BART video.”

Gawker reports that an anonymous tipster snapped some photos of a man wearing burlap-covered stilts and a strange Native American-style headdress. The tipster did some digging on Perez, perusing Clown Snot Bombs’ Facebook page.

There are several images of Perez there wearing the exact same outfit. The theory of the now is that Perez has returned to perform in the streets of San Fran wearing the costume to evade arrest.


After the naked BART man incident, Perez was put on psychiatric hold for his rampage through the station last month. He was jailed for 48 hours afterwards on suspicion of misdemeanor assault, but was later released.

Like we said, there is currently a warrant out for his arrest, but his official whereabouts are unknown.

Check out a video of the naked BART man’s alleged new disguise below, and let us know what you think:

[Image via: Facebook]