Anti-Gay Congressman Ralph Hall Accidentally Attends LGBT Event

Awkward, right? Anti-gay congressman Ralph Hall accidentally attended an LGBT event last week when he simply walked through the wrong door.

The Texas rep. slipped in to an LGBT event for the Victory Fund last week, and even enjoyed a bit of hospitality (and a drink) before he realized he was in the wrong place.

Hall and his staffers thought that they were at an event for a fellow congressman, which was scheduled for the same day. They were welcomed warmly to the event and offered refreshments.

After making polite conversation, Hall asked about the congressman he was there to support. He was told that he was definitely in the wrong place, prompting him to quickly leave the premises.

“At that moment I realized that this was not the reception I intended to attend, and I put down my glass, thanked the sponsor, and told him we would be leaving,” Hall said.

But his presence was noted by the LGBT attendees.

“Many of those in attendance probably were surprised to see me walk in, but were not surprised to see me leave quickly,” Hall said.

On Twitter, observers wondered whether Hall was there on purpose or whether he was lost.


An article on The Hill reported on the mix-up with a story titled: “Ralph Hall Lets His Hair Down.”

To that article, Hall replied: “I would just say that while I do have a good head of hair for a 90-year-old, I do not have the quantity of hair, nor the inclination, to let it down.”

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