Doberman Meets Baby Ostriches, So Cute [Video]

A Doberman meets baby ostriches video posted on YouTube Wednesday is just so full of cute. I’ve posted it down below, where you can enjoy a well-trained Doberman named Sugar Tree in the big dog’s first introduction to a pair of baby ostriches.

The video was created by Camels & Friends, a YouTube channel by Alex Komechak who has extensive experience with camels and many other species of animals. You can visit her website for lots more information, including links to 2012 her appearance on Animal Planet.

Folks, I don’t post this video because I think most of us have any business putting a baby ostrich in a room with a Doberman. This is a job for someone who knows what she’s doing, knows the dog, and knows how to create a bond between the dog and her other pets.

Enjoy it on YouTube but don’t try it at home unless you too are an expert.

And there’s another thing about baby ostriches. They become big ostriches.

Big ostriches can be very dangerous animals for people who don’t know what they’re doing. Heck, I personally knew a bird expert who did know what he was doing — and he still got a powerful kick once from his adult ostrich.

For most of us, these cuties are better enjoyed on video, in the wild, or in a zoo.

OK, with the obligatory warnings out of the way, check it out:

Oh, and for extra cuteness points, watch a video of the baby ostriches sleeping:


Awwww. If that doesn’t make you want go give ’em a hug, what will?

But the first video is my favorite. Sometimes we see too many negative images of big powerful dogs, and we forget what lovable protectors they can be.

Sugar Tree the Doberman and her baby ostrich new best buddies are just too adorable for words.

[baby ostrich photo by Christophe EYQUEM via Wikimedia Commons]