Simon Pegg Feels Responsible For Chinese Alien Hoax

Actor Simon Pegg said that he feels responsible for a Chinese farmer’s failed alien hoax.

Several days ago, we reported that a Chinese man identified in media reports as a “Mr. Li” had made an alien out of rubber, chicken wire and glue, and posted pictures of the supposed “corpse” with a rather outlandish story.

Li claimed that he was setting rabbit traps when he spotted a flying saucer which deployed several extraterrestrial visitors. One of the aliens got caught in the trap and was electrocuted to death. Li blogged about the incident with photos of his rubber alien.

No one believed the hoax (it was pretty obvious why) but the story was spread to viral proportions, catching the attention of Chinese law enforcement authorities. They deleted his post and arrested Mr. Li for disturbing the peace. He got five days in jail.

Pegg, an actor famous for fictional spare-faring films like Star Trek Into Darkness and Paul, admitted on Twitter that he feels he is partially responsible for the Chinese farmer’s alien hoax.

He believes that the hoax was based on the film Paul, which focuses on an alien visitor to our planet voiced by Seth Rogen. The alien meets Pegg and Nick Frost’s sci-fi geek characters, and “lulz” are had.


If the stunt was really based on the film, Pegg says he feels devastated.

What do you think? Is SImon Pegg partly responsible for the Chinese farmer’s alien hoax? Sound off!

[Image via: s_bukley / Shutterstock]