DirectTV Charges Fire Victim $400

Jeremy Beach is being told by DirecTV that he owes them $400 for a satellite dish and two receivers that were destroyed in the Black Forest fire.

Beach escaped the fire with his 5-year-old son, two dogs and his wife, who is 37 weeks pregnant with twins.

According to The Gazette, after Beach’s home was burned to the ground during the fires on Tuesday.

So trying to get everything in order, Beach starts calling around to cancel services that where, well, no longer needed.

When he went to call DirecTV, they told him that he still owed him money for the destroyed gear.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said Thursday. “I had lost everything and they acted like they could care less.”

This isn’t the first time that DirecTV has been less than cooperative though.

According to The Gazette:

“During the Waldo Canyon fire in June 2012, when 347 homes in Mountain Shadows were destroyed, DirecTV also charged customers.

“Many companies write off such losses. During the Waldo Canyon fire, the Pikes Peak Library District told people not to worry about books lost in the fire.

“Same with Comcast and CenturyLink with destroyed equipment.”

An outraged Beach is of course less concerned over what he owes DirecTV, stating that the money needs to go to his family, and rebuilding their life.

“I tried to explain that a couple hundred dollars is nothing to them but a lot to me,” said Beach. “I need that money. I can use it to buy diapers, clothes for my family.”

This news seems to be affecting DirecTV because they posted the following tweet Friday morning:


Beach is understandably outraged, by what he was told, stating again

“I need that money to rebuild my life: cups, plates, shoes, a new bike for my kid. I got so angry I had to hang up.”

Some things are more important than others in situations such as these, and it will be interesting to see just how DirecTV goes about helping the victims of the Black Forest fires.

What do you think of DirecTV charging Jeremy Beach $400 for satellite gear after his house burned to the ground?

[Image viaHuffington Post]