Disney Announces Two ‘Unannounced Marvel Film’ Dates

Disney has announced that two new Marvel films will be released in 2016 and 2017. Other than that, we have no idea what these films will be yet.

At the now, Marvel Studios is sitting pretty cozy with Iron Man 3 setting records as the fifth highest grossing film of all-time, and Thor and Captain America sequels on their way. Additionally, the slightly out-there Guardians of the Galaxy starts shooting this month, and Joss Whedon has completed the first script draft for The Avengers 2.

Ant Man from Edgar Wright has a firm release date after years in the pipeline, and Marvel Studios President of Production has unofficially confirmed that a Doctor Strange film will be a part of Marvel’s Phase Three.

So what’s next? We’re not sure, but Disney is definitely counting on the continued success of Marvel films, having grabbed the very first weekend of May in 2016 and 2017 for two “Unannounced Marvel Films.” That, in case you don’t know, is the “power weekend” that sets the tone for box office glory all summer.

So what could these films be? One of them could definitely be Doctor Strange, but it seems weird that they’d lead their 2016 or 2017 summer with a relatively little-known character.


Another possibility is Iron Man 4. Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to return for Avengers 2 and even Avengers 3 if there is a God, but IM4 is not as certain.

They could just be early placeholders for another Captain America and/or Thor film depending on the audience response to the sequels heading to theaters this and next summer.

Or, Disney already knows that they’re planning on a Hulk film, a Daredevil film, a Black Panther film, etc. and they’re just not ready to announce yet.

Let us know what you think. What could Disney’s “Unannounced Marvel films” be?