Convicted cocaine smuggler Douglas Spink arrested for ‘bestiality farm’

A wealthy entrepreneur turned cocaine smuggler who spent three years in prison after a 2005 drug bust has pinged the radar of authorities again, this time for allegedly running a “bestiality farm” in Washington State.

Douglas Spink was arrested Wednesday near the Canadian border in Whatcom County for violating the terms of his supervised release. Another man was arrested, a 51-year-old tourist from the UK, who is said to have had sexual relations with three dogs at the farm. Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo told press that several animals at the farm had to be euthanized, including several mice that were reportedly smothered in Vaseline, tied with string and had had their tails cut off.

Seattle’s Komo News noted some information on 39-year-old Spink’s website:

He calls his operation Exitpoint Stallions Limitee and expounds at length on its Web site about his philosophy.

“Are we unconventional in our approach to stallion care? Absolutely,” he writes.

He later adds: “We don’t wall off sexual energy in our stallions as something dangerous or inappropriate, but rather channel that energy towards positive, safe, appropriate paths. There’s a proper time and place for it, and we work towards those sorts of skills rather than fighting un-winnable fights against deeply-rooted instincts.”

The goings-on at Spink’s farm came to light due to a tip from a lawyer’s office in Tennessee:

Authorities searched his farm Wednesday after prosecutors received a tip from a public defender’s office in Tennessee. The office reported that Spink had been calling them incessantly about a jailed defendant in a bestiality case in Tennessee.

That man, James Michael Tait, had previously admitted filming a man having sex with a horse in Enumclaw, Wash., in 2005. The man Tait filmed died of internal injuries suffered during the incident. He received a minor sentence in the case because Washington had relatively weak bestiality laws at the time.

It’s not immediately clear why Spink was calling Tennessee about the Tait case.

Spink is being held on $150,000 bail.