‘Pokémon X And Y’: First Gym Leader, New Creatures Revealed [Video]

Nintendo has released new details about the upcoming Pokémon X and Y.

At E3 earlier this week, the company announced that the games will be hitting the 3DS on October 12, 2013, and that the games will include a new Fairy type, marking the 18th Pokémon type introduced to the franchise.

Nintendo then explained that Pokémon trainers will begin their journey in Vaniville Town, and will encounter four fellow trainers who will travel around Kalos with the player: Shauna, Tierno, Trevor, and Serena (if the player chooses a male character), or Calem (if the character is female).

The first gym leader trainers will have to defeat on their quest is Viola, who runs Santalune City Gym. Before players can reach Viola, they’ll have to get through the threads that make up the gym by following the advice of her sister, Alexa.

Nintendo also revealed four new Pokémon, in addition to the ones that were revealed at E3. The new Pokémon include Flabébé (Fairy), Litleo (Fire/normal), Scatterbug (bug), and Spewpa, which is the evolution of Scatterbug.


Flabébé’s Fairy Wind attack is super effective against Dragon types, and the Pokémon is able to draw different powers from plants it encounters in the wild. Litleo’s Noble Roar — a new move for the series — lowers the target’s attack stat. Scatterbug knows String Shot, a staple move for the Pokémon franchise, which lowers the speed stat of opponents. Spewpa can utilize Protect to … well, protect it from moves used against it during that turn. Spewpa evolves into Bug/flying-type Vivillon, who can learn Stuggle Bug, a move that lowers the special attack of opposing Pokémon.

Trainers will also find new ways to encounter wild Pokémon, such as stepping on one. Trainers can also interact with their Pokémon in new ways, and are given the options of feeding and petting their pocket monsters.

You can check out the new Pokémon and gym leader in the trailer below.