Wendy’s Photo Scandal: Employee Fired After Drinking From Frosty Machine

A few days after Taco Bell fired an employee for licking taco shells, Wendy’s found itself in a photo scandal of its own. The restaurant recently fired an employee who was photographed drinking out of the Frosty machine.

The photo was posted on Reddit along with the title: “I was going to buy a frosty from Wendy’s until I saw the employee do this.”

Bob Bertini, a spokesman for Wendy’s, said earlier this week that the company was aware of the photo and was investigating the incident.

Well, it looks like Wendy’s found the employee in the photo. The NY Daily News reports that the employee is “no longer with the restaurant.”

Bertini said: “We don’t know the exact date the photo was taken, but we believe in it was in May … The incident was totally inappropriate, and we’re taking it very seriously.”

Several people have noted that the Wendy’s photo probably wasn’t taken by a disgusted customer. The photo was taken from behind the counter and was probably taken by another employee. Still, Wendy’s did not find the photo funny and decided to fire the employee.

This is the second time this month that a fast food worker has been fired over a viral picture. A Taco Bell employee was recently let go after a photo of him licking a stack of tacos circulated on the internet.

But don’t let these recent incidents ruin your fast food experience. After all, you can always eat at Dunkin’ Donuts where the employees are well-behaved, well-mannered, and display an uncanny ability to take racist abuse.