Apple iTunes Adding 500,000 New Accounts Each Day

The Apple iTunes platform will surpass 600 million accounts within the next two months. According to a new report, the popular music platform is now adding 500,000 account per day.

Apple revealed during the worldwide developers conference (WWDC) that it currently supports 575 million iTunes accounts.

Asymco analyst Horace Dediu took Apple’s new numbers and ran them against numbers from past disclosures to determine the high number of daily Apple iTunes sign-ups.

The number of Apple iTunes sign-ups could increase as Apple prepares the inclusion of the Apple iTunes Radio platform. iTunes Radio was announced during WWDC. The platform offers Pandora type radio playback with ads and ads free options for Apple and PC users.

The Apple iTunes Radio setup allows users to easily purchase music tracks from iTunes, which should help Apple increase song sales, which have been rather stagnant over the last three years. In fact, Apple iTunes recently lost some of its long held marketshare thanks to the work of Amazon and other emerging competitors.

The new platform may also work to draw buyers away from the Amazon MP3 store by providing streaming music with more access options for purchasing and ease of use on iOS 7 devices, PCs, and even Apple TV.


Here is a chart from Asymco which showcases the massive number of daily Apple iTunes account sign-ups:

Apple iTunes Account Sign Ups

Apple faces plenty of competition from the likes of Pandora, Spotify, and even Google and its new music streaming platform known as Google Play Music All Access.

Do you think Apple can continue to track a massive number of new user account sign-ups on a daily basis? Will you use your Apple iTunes account more when Apple iTunes iRadio launches?