Wendy’s Nine-Patties T. Rex Burger Nightmare Pulled From Menu

If you wanted a go at Wendy’s nine-patties T. Rex burger behemoth, you’re going to just have to image that much meat. The nightmarish item has been pulled from the menu after a very short (yet successful) stint.

In all likelihood, Wendy’s nine-patties burger probably wasn’t even offered in your area. The monster was only offered in Manitoba, Canada, and even then, only for a short time.

A Wendy’s official announced Wednesday that they would discontinue the T. Rex burger, which was a stunning nine quarter-pound patties held together with nine pieces of sliced cheese all between a strained bun/grease sponge.

“For obvious reasons, Wendy’s of Brandon neither condones nor promotes the idea of anyone consuming a nine-patty hamburger in one sitting,” said Barb Barker, an administrative assistant for the Wendy’s outlet in Brandon.

She continued that Wendy’s “strives to deliver a positive dining experience for our customers. Our goal is to provide options to our customers so they can make options that meet their needs.”

Yeah, let’s talk about “needs.” Wendy’s probably realized that no one “needs” to spend $21.99 on a burger that clocks in at a mind-boggling 3,000 calories and 6,000 grams of salt. But we digress. It was a joke item, we get it, but people were actually ordering this thing. One or two every day, as a matter of fact.

So where did the idea come from? Well, you’d be on to something if you said that the nine-patty T. Rex burger looks familiar. It actually started as a prank ad published by Sports Illustrated almost a decade ago. The thing is, people have requested it every year, and the restaurant finally obliged.

They seemed to change their minds after a photo of the real deal made its way to Reddit, where it was subjected to equal parts mockery and wonder.

Wendy's T- Rex

Did you get your hands on a Wendy’s nine-patties T. Rex burger? Let us know if you survived! This video review sums it up for us [NSFW – language].