Dog Survives 4 Days Under Overturned Boat

Cassie Boss

An Alaskan dog by the name of Cutie seems to have luck on her side considering she survived four days while trapped under an overturned boat.

Jeremy McDonald, 34 told reporters that the boat had overturned while not only he was on it, but also his friends John and Billy Minerva, ages 35 and 25, and John Minerva's girlfriend's 30-pound Labrador retriever and terrier mix, Cutie.

The boat overturned while the three men were out on the Chena River, while the men had been trying to help a raft that had been stuck up against a bridge.

The incident quickly escalated, and the boat ended up taking on water which contributed to the boat flipping over.

While all three were able to make it back to shore okay, there was no sign of the dog.

McDonald told reporters that when he and his friends went back to the boat a few days later, "I was pretty sure we were going to go there and find a dead dog."

McDonald got one heck of a surprise when he did finally reach the boat though.

McDonald told News-Minor that as he reached the side of the boat, there she was, “It was crazy,” he told reporters, “I get to the side of the boat, look in there and she barks and growls at me.”

It was a surprise to all three men, “It was pretty much a miracle,” said McDonald.

So once McDonald got the attention of friends John and Billy Minerva, the three worked together, hooking a rope to the 17-foot boat to turn it over.

“As soon as we did, she comes walking out shaking and scared,” McDonald said.

To be trapped under a boat, especially one that had been overturned and floating along a river for four days, no wonder the dog was shaken up.

John Minerva told reporters he and his girlfriend, Grace Sommer, were overjoyed to have the dog back. He said she is currently recovering from her ordeal on the river.

"She was sore for a couple of days, but other than that she was fine," Minerva said.

This news comes only days after another boating accident off of the coast of Florida, leaving ten people hospitalized.

Seems like luck was on the side of the dog named Cutie after she survived four days while trapped under an overturned boat, after all, that’s not an easy task!

[Image via Tim Mowry/News-Miner]