Giant Doily Is Found Under Bridge, But Who Put It There?

A giant doily has been discovered under a bridge in Bristol, UK, but nobody is sure how the crocheted item got there.

Regardless of how it appeared, at least it isn’t like the creepy yard art that was found in South Carolina.

Despite the doily’s giant size, 12ft (3.6m) in diameter, it wasn’t spotted until recently when commuter, Gail Boyle, was on her way to work, which brings into question just how long it’s been hanging there.

According to Boyle the nylon cord of this creative piece is at least an inch thick, and can be best be understood as a ‘white beacon’ that shines out from the undergrowth of the countryside.

Although Boyle’s story is a very poetic telling of this unusual find, there is no denying that the giant doily is a sight to behold because of its enormous size, and due to how well crafted it is.

It doesn’t quite have the same impact as Vollis Simpson art pieces, but it still draws the eye from your day-to-day schedule.

Speculation has already begun to surround the find, with many questioning whether this is simply a result of yarn bombing; for anyone who hasn’t come across the term before, it is also known as guerrilla knitting, and simply refers to a specific style of street art that involves yarn.

The most recent yarn bombing story was about a stone lion in Nottingham that received a rather vibrant makeover after a textile student discovered this niche art movement.


Giant Doily Found Under Bridge

Therefore, is the surprise appearance of another craft based piece really such an unusual story when more and more art and design lovers are discovering new art forms?

Not to mention the fact that the Queen’s 60th Coronation Anniversary has only just happened, which means the giant doily could be down to those celebrations or it could simply be the result of a talented yarn bomber wanting to brighten up Bristol.

Whatever the actual reason for the giant doily, it has definitely brightened up today’s news.

[Image via BBC News]