Prince William Is Half Indian, Says DNA Test

Emma Flint

According to recent DNA results, taken from the saliva of Prince William's relatives by University of Edinburgh's genetics expert, Jim Wilson, the Prince could have some Indian ancestry.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and BritainsDNA, which is a ancestry testing firm, have found direct links in the royal's family tree to a woman who was at least half Indian; apparently the woman was none-other than Prince William's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Eliza Kewark.

Hopefully this new information won't trigger another surge in questionable remarks from Morrissey, who has openly expressed his negative opinions about the royals.

The link between the eldest Prince and Indian ancestry was established after scientists discovered that all descendants of Kewark carried a rare mutation of mitochondrial DNA; this type of mutation can only be passed on by the mother, not to mention that this particular strand is only found in people from the Indian subcontinent.

The discovery of this DNA mutation has only been found in 14 other people, all of which were Indian, apart from one individual who was from Nepal.

Due to the select group carrying this tell-tale DNA marker, scientists believe that it is highly likely that it has been passed down to both Prince William and Prince Harry.

To further reaffirm the findings, Wilson has exclaimed that the evidence from the saliva tests are 'unassailable', however, no doubt critics will remain skeptical until further proof is found.

After all, if these DNA results actually are the real deal, it would mean that Prince William will be the first British monarch to have Indian ancestry, which would undoubtedly led to many questions asked about other ancestry links in the rest of the royal family.

This seems even more likely due to how close the Prince's arrival of his first child is, which, according to reports, is going to be a baby girl.

However, it is unlikely the case will be taken further unless the findings are confirmed by more DNA tests, not to mention the fact that the royal family would have to support the claims before any real weight was added to the findings.

Wherever you sit on the fence, it seems that Prince William will be questioned about his possible Indian heritage when next interview.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]