2009 NFL draft one year later: Miami Dolphins

I want to be higher on this draft class; I really do as I was an advocate of taking QB Pat White high in the 2009 NFL draft. However I cannot understand how they used the 44th overall pick on him, and then deciding to not use him hardly at all. It makes little sense to me. While they did land two starting CB’s, and that was one of their biggest positions of need, they missed on several late round picks. One year ago I gave the Dolphins high marks for the decision to take the two corners, and making a move that was outside the box. It didn’t work out and that grade has to come down one year in.

A quick look at the 2009 Dolphins Drat class:

•Round One (25)- Vontae Davis CB
•Round Two (44)- Pat White QB
•Round Two (61)- Sean Smith CB
•Round Three (87)- Patrick Turner WR
•Round Four (108)- Brian Hartline WR
•Round Five (161)- John Nalbone TE
•Round Five (165)- Chris Clemons FS
•Round Six (181)- Andrew Gardner T
•Round Seven (214)- JD Folsom LB

The biggest indictment on this draft is that they added two WR’s and yet were only able to complete nine pass plays for more than 30 yards in the entire 2009 season. They also had to spend a 2010 and 2011 second round pick to pick up WR Brandon Marshall. That is a high cost, it may turn into a high reward, but bad drafting can force a team into a move it otherwise would not have had to make. Even with the addition of Marshall it still seems that the Dolphins could use another WR in the 2010 NFL draft.

The fact here is the Dolphins got very little production from their picks past round two. That simply is not good enough, especially for a team looking to take the step towards making the NFL playoffs.

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