AP Stylebook changes ‘Web site’ to ‘website’

Bloggers have been having a bit of fun with the AP Stylebook today, after they posted a few tweets noting that they’ve changed “Web site” to “website” in their guidelines.

@apstylebook says:

Responding to reader input, we are changing Web site to website. This appears on Stylebook Online today and in the 2010 book next month.

Discussion with Stylebook editors is standing room only at American Copy Editors Society. The audience is asking great questions. #aces2010

The official policy for internet related words (indeed, per AP guidelines, “internet” should be capitalized) like “e-mail” versus “email” is something bloggers vary tremendously in their adherence to. Today’s announcement was of interest to those who write about these things daily because using “Web site” looks and feels antiquated and clumsy.

Twitter users were amused by the announcement, too:

AP Stylebook finally changed “web site” to “website”. But they’re still using “Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off”.

Of course, the Fake AP Stylebook had some great tips recently, too:

@PhilliesDoll The word “asshat” is vulgar and should be avoided. Use “butt bonnet.”

No matter how good the scotch involved was, the word “delicious” should never appear in a DUI story.

It’s “for all intents and purposes.” “Intensive Purposes” is the hot new medical drama from CBS.

When summer comes and California starts burning, try to act surprised.