GMO Feed Damaged Pigs Health, Says Study

Emma Flint

A study by the Institute of Health and Environmental Research has revealed that pigs fed on a strict GMO diet had an increased risk of severe stomach inflammation.

This type of study isn't the first to uncover the potential dangers associated with GMO food - a study of Monsanto's GMO corn linked the food to organ failure, according to recent reports.

However, this new study consisted of a large group of subjects; 168 newly weaned pigs from a US commercial piggery were studied for 22.7 weeks, with one group eating the GMO feed while another ate the non-GMO equivalent.

To ensure that the findings were as accurate as possible, all of the pigs were kept in the same housing and feeding conditions.

After five months of this maintained study, the pigs were then slaughtered and their bodies were taken to veterinary surgeons for them to perform a thorough autopsy of the animals; the veterinarians weren't informed of the difference in diet between the two groups of pigs.

From this procedure, the researchers discovered that, while the food intake, weight gain, and morality of both groups remained similar, it was the conditions of their stomachs that showed the severe side effects of GMO food.

The study found that the pigs that had ate the GMO diet were 32 percent more likely to have a higher rate of stomach inflammation when compared with the 12 percent of the non-GMO fed pigs.

Moreover, the condition of the male GMO fed pigs stomachs were statistically higher than those of the females; the inflammation in the males fed the GMO diet was four times worse than the non-GMO fed males.

The female GMO pigs also had a higher rate of stomach issues when compared with their non-GMO counterparts, however these findings were slightly lower at 2.2.

Although these findings demonstrate just how damaging GMO food can be on the body, the researchers involved with the study believe that more long-term food studies should be carried out in order to verify the findings.

Despite the wide array of evidence against GMO foods, it seems that the debate will keep raging on, particularly given recent accusations of food supplies being infected.

Nevertheless, the findings definitely give everyone food for thought when they join in the GMO debate.

[Image via Reuters]