Foursquare declares international Foursquare Day, will you be checking in?

In what’s being billed as the world’s first global social media holiday, Foursquare “swarms” and other huge gatherings are being planned in a massively large list of cities.

The idea of 4Sq Day was only invented last month, by user Nate Bonilla-Warford in Florida. Bonilla-Warford likes Pi Day, and picked 4/16 as Foursquare Day for obvious math reasons. By the 26th of March, Foursquare had endorsed the idea:

BTW, we’re officially declaring 4/16 as 4SQ Day! 4 squared = 16 = 4/16, get it? (thx @redheadjessica)

There’s an official badge for the day, too, and if you shout “Happy Foursquare Day!” with the hashtag #4sqday, it magically appears in your badges. (So you don’t actually have to go to any of the gatherings if you’d like to participate.) If you do feel like joining one of the global “swarms,” you can keep up with Foursquare Day events on Facebook or on their main site. You can even throw down for your city- several cities have challenged one another to see who can get a bigger turnout for Foursquare Day.

Do you plan on attending any Foursquare meetups tonight?