America’s Worst Charities Distribute Less Than 4 Percent

America’s worst charities donate less than four percent received according to an investigative report. The Center for Investigative Reporting, CNN, and Tampa Bay Times all contributed to the investigation and resulting report.

A list of 50 of the very worst charities has revealed some startling information. The 50 listed charities received nearly $1 billion in the last 10 years. They donated around $50 million. The majority of funds collected are distributed to corporate solicitors. Less than four percent is ever received by the intended recipient.

As reported by CNN, America’s worst charity by far is the Kids Wish Network. The charity collects donations for terminally ill children. The funds are supposed to cover costs associated with granting wishes to the children.

Unfortunately, only 2.5 percent of the money collected was spent on the children. As reported by Tampa Bay Times, Kids Wish Network collected $127 million, paid their solicitors $109 million. A large portion of the remaining funds were paid to other employees, leaving less than three percent for granting wishes.

Six of the charities on the list distributed 0 percent of the funds collected. All six charities received over $5 million in donations. Project Cure, Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth, Survivors and Victims Empowered, National Narcotic Officers Associations Coalition, and American Foundation for Children With AIDS, all spent 0 percent on direct cash aid.

The majority of donations to all listed charities are used to pay solicitors. The solicitors are tasked with raising funds and collecting donations. Essentially, they are collecting money that is being used to pay them for their services.

There are certainly numerous questionable charities. However, there are thousands of legitimate charities worldwide. Unfortunately some of America’s worst charities have names similar to legitimate ones, leading to confusion. For example Make-A-Wish is a reputable organization while Kids Wish Network is listed as the worst charity on CNN‘s list. offers a comprehensive list to help sort out the legitimate charities from those that are questionable. Their database is searchable by name or state. Each organization has a star rating, indicating their credibility. Charities that are found to be questionable are clearly indicated.

America’s worst charities worst are making people hesitant to donate to worthy causes. Most people make donations assuming that their money will be used in good faith. Unfortunately, it is crucial that donors do some research before committing to a donation.

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