Two-Faced Kitten Born In Oregon

Addam Corré

A rare Two-faced kitten has been born in Amity, Oregon but has been rejected by it's mother in favor of the other kittens in the clowder. reports that the two-faced kitten was born at 6:11 am on Tuesday of this week and has been named 'Deucy'. As her mother rejected her she is currently being nourished by her owner, Stephanie Durkee who lovingly feeds her through a syringe.

The two-faced kitten has been born with only one set of organs and it appears that the only abnormality is the deformity of the face. It's sad that many animals born in the wild with deficiencies like this are generally rejected by their parents, lucky for Deucy she was born in captivity and to a kind and patient owner.

There are a tiny percentage of cats born with two-faces. The condition is called 'Diprosopus', a craniofacial duplication which is extremely rare whereby parts of the face are duplicated on the head.

A local vet who inspected the two-faced kitten said she is healthy at the moment but that in similar cases that he has seen the life span of the animal tends to be short.

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