Starbucks, Cinnabon- where can you find Tax Day 2010 freebies?

It’s not clear when this became a big trend, but judging from searches over the past two days, the American consumer has grown slightly accustomed to some free Tax Day swag as a conciliatory gesture for filing taxes.

While freebies seem to be few and far between, and not all that exciting when they appear, we have links to a few chains that are giving things away free on Tax Day. Starbucks and their free coffee offer is getting Googled a lot, which is not surprising considering their ubiquity and popularity.

You can get details on the promotion on Twitter, but the deal is that if you bring in a reusable mug to any Starbucks, they will fill it with this week’s Bold coffee. Like a bit more sugar with your freebies? Cinnabon is offering two free cupcake bites to customers between 6-8pm tonight, while supplies last at participating locations.

Taco Del Mar will email you a coupon for a free taco if you visit their website. There are also rumors that PF Chang’s locations are offering an across the board 15% discount today. Their site is currently down and we can’t confirm that, so call first if you feel like Wonton Wrappers. A few other chains are offering deals, many tied to a $10.99 or $10.40 price point- both a reference to the number-names of IRS tax forms.

So, what did we miss? Tell us in the comments if you find a particularly compelling Tax Day freebie!