October 10, 2016
Rhapsody Brings Music Caching To Android Phones

Rhapsody announced today that Google Android users can now access songs without an internet connection. Okay so you'll need a connection to first find and download those songs, but then the company's offline caching allows for playback when you don't have a connection.

According to Rhapsody, users can download tracks and playlists and then play them from anywhere.

Brendan Benzing, Chief Product Officer of Rhapsody said of the new feature:

"We believe all the music you could ever want should be at your fingertips at all times," while adding "The ability to download music to your favorite device mimics the experience millions of consumers have enjoyed on MP3 players for years, which makes the subscription model even more attractive to them. The Rhapsody app transforms an Android to an MP3 player on steroids; beefed up with Rhapsody's extensive catalog of more than 10.6 million tracks."
While the app is currently available on Blackberry and iPhone devices, the offline playback mode had only been offered on Apple devices until today.

The Rhapsody app can be downloaded for free from the Android Market, while the company's service will cost you $9.99 per month.