Amazon To NY State: Don't Tax Me Bro

Amazon has filed a lawsuit looking to overturn New York State's recently enacted law that would have forced the ecommerce giant to collect New York state taxes.

The law was approved last week as part of New York's $122 billion state budget and is expected to raise around $50 million a year.

State sales taxes aren't new, but to date the laws have dictated that the buyer should declare the purchase and pay the tax where the purchase was made from another state, except where the retailer has a physical presence in the given state (the retailer collects taxes in the state(s) they are based).

Amazon objects to the law on a couple of fronts. Amazon claims that the law is too broad and burdensome, and further the law unfairly targets Amazon (it's unofficially known as the Amazon tax) although the law itself is applicable to all online retailers.